Fire Extinguisher Maintenance


Servicing of fire extinguishers can be pricey and labour intensive unless you use a company that is fast, efficient and conscious of cost.

The inspection fee per fire extinguisher is £5.00 and there is no charge for parts.

We do charge extra for any refilling an extinguisher which must be refilled every 5 years, otherwise the contents become ineffective. The extinguisher needs to be discharged to make sure it is working to British Standards. The exception is a CO2 extinguisher which only needs refilling every 10 years. It needs to be sent away for a stretch test and refilled. We offer a service exchange unit that has already been stretch tested and refilled. They have to be sent away for this specialised job and no engineer can do this on site.All new fire extinguishers have to be commissioned according to the British Standard requirement BS 5306-3.
During an inspection we:

This is only a general guide as each type of extinguisher needs different tests.